Build AI Phone Agents for Support, Lead Generation & Customer Service

Answer customer inqueries or reachout 1,000+ people in 10 minutes and generate sales with OpenAI.

Used by over 120,000 users worldwide

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Here's Why Botsify Right For You.

Don't waste your time anymore


Your automated sales machine

Dial 10,000 leads in 5 minutes
Automatic negotiation & objection handling using AI

Tons of integrations

PUSH & PULL dynamic data using webhooks
Native integrations with several Voice AI Platforms

Your realistic human agent

Clone the voice of your receptionist
Train on your own knowledge base

Analytics & call recordings

Listen to the call recordings & understand what went wrong
Goal tracking with call forwarding to follow up later

It’s your secret weapon
to win untapped opportunities.

Botsify voice agents are fully loaded conversational agents to solve different business use cases. Sky's the limit, if you call someone you can use our agents. Checkout uses-cases and call recording below


The only all in one Feature Rich platform.

Everything you need, all in one place.


Design Custom Script

With our visual builder you can design your custom script easily using drag and drop interface. You can drop components like call forwarding, creating goals and even call external APIs.

Integration with 3rd Party Platforms

Make your voice agent talk with 3rd party platforms. Fetch and send data to tons of integrations using Rest API & Zapier Webhooks.

Call Recording & Analytics

You can listen to the individual calls and see over call analytics of the platform in one place. You never have to miss what happens in your calls.

Multi Language Voice Agents (Coming Soon)

Cater to your international customers by speaking their language. Create multi language voice agents in 100+ languages.
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Some questions you might have.

How can I clone my own voice?

We integrate with ElevenLabs, and Resemble AI for cloning your voice.

What’s the pricing of the platform?

We deal in custom pricing. Our minimum pricing starts at $149/month and goes up depending on your usage.

Can I port my own number?

Yes, the number porting is done through Twilio, and it takes 6-10 days to port your existing number. You must have access to the number and PUK code to port a number.

How many calls can I dial concurrently?

As much as you want to, we quote custom price for heavy use, so we recommend to speak with our sales team with your exact requirements and we can help you achieve it.